2020 Surveillance can transform the capabilities of the retail operation in 2 key areas;

  1. By allowing operators situated in different locations to collaborate and share information efficiently. Our unique system modules (simple easy to install rack modules allow the  integration and capture of information from a multitude of sensors and systems including access control, intrusion, CCTV, lighting and HVAC systems as well multiple public and private organizational databases. We have developed interfaces to link with multiple radio and communication services though our integration with Microsoft Lync and Wave software radio.
  2. Using our rapidly configurable suite of analytics such as people counting, multi camera tracking, gender and age matching algorithms it is possible to gather and then rapidly analyse retail trends, buying patterns, dwell time, footfall patterns, and several others. In addition to the above we have analytics for scenarios such as abandoned packets, traffic flows and car parking suspicious behaviour. We also have integrated ANPR if you are looking for automatic charging models for car parking.

Our system modules are an ideal way to achieve maximum gain from the above.

2020 IntelliControl is a “22nd-century” approach to managing the complex mix of information sources facing the modern Physical Security systems manager.  IntelliControl uses the latest multiple-touch-point touch control video screens to give the operator / manager of a PSIM system incredibly simple, elegant, intuitive control of data whose underlying source and detail maybe complex and convoluted.

    • Navigates through three-dimensional data spaces
    • Bypasses the mouse entirely and control pointer motion
    • Enables dynamic resizing, rearrangement and redisplay of windows
    • Provides on-screen feedback and consistent dynamic feedback about input state and options
    • Easy to share input and control streams
    • Fine-grained application state across multiple machines
    • Display screen enables the operator to interact with accurate virtual representations of reality by using natural and intuitive gestures
    • Command and control centre is a highly integrated PSIM software solution working on Niagara platform and using the hardware devices (on Sedona or Niagara)
    • The product gleans the most relevant and interesting data from the deluge of security information sources and gives a view to the operator

These are the key benefits you will get from the system

    1. Allows you to preserve existing investments in control and monitoring devices, and integrating them by using standards-based technologies
    2. Ability to access and control all of their diverse systems within a modern PSIM environment: combining information from different systems to support better overall facility and infrastructure management and control
    3. Specify interoperable systems and applications from multiple vendors, thereby reducing the potential for vendor lock-in
    4. Multiple paybacks in the form of performance efficiencies reduced capital and operational expenses, and greater returns.