Traditionally, the flow of information has been tightly coupled to the command relationships. More recently, information flows have been freed from hierarchical and stove-piped patterns of distribution. Now the roles, responsibilities, and relationships (including the nature of the information-related interactions that should take place) need to be specified separately from the specification of other roles, responsibilities, and relationships. For example, the move to a post-and-smart-pull paradigm involves a departure from traditional military patterns of information flows and information-related roles and responsibilities.


In Power to the Edge it articulates the principles being used to provide the ubiquitous, secure, wideband network that people will trust and use, populate with high quality information, and use to develop shared awareness, collaborate effectively, and synchronize their actions.


Current Military Command systems centre on the ability of an organization or an individual to utilize information.

Frequently now the primary objective is how military operations can support the long-term objective of achieving civil stability and durable peace in states embroiled in complex emergencies.

Significant influences involving agility:

    • Robustness
    • Responsiveness
    • Flexibility
    • Innovation
    • Resilience
    • Adaptation

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

2020TuchControl was designed from the ground up to create a user interface and operation platform to deal with the huge explosion of data that will be generated by such systems; integrating CCTV, building automation and security systems across numerous locations. It connects multiple systems into a single, intuitive interface that automates notifications and interactions between systems. Redefining the future in complex data management in the area of command and control.


The most significant influences within this new paradigm are Speed of Collaboration and the Nature of Collaboration and their impact on Command Intent, Decisions, and Planning.

Successful collaboration will impact the Clarity of Command Intent.

The Timeliness of Command Intent will also be influenced by the Speed of Collaboration.

2020TuchControl is designed for rapid collaboration in the form of all forms of data, video, spatial awareness, and from myriad sources of military intelligence. We turn this raw data into meaningful intelligence and disseminate this in a visual way that can be rapidly understood.

2020 Surveillance has looked at command and control in a unique way. Our philosophy is a vision of what the future of command and control will be with the growth of pervasive devices.

Incident and Alarm Management and Workflow

Imagine the possibility of, when an alarm comes in, to be able to generate at a touch an immediate incident report which has a lot of the details filled in (a report which matches your exact requirements) then with a few touches and a drag and pinch withe fingers to be able to assemble a detailed report just as you wish with pictures, maps, database material etc. A dream? No a possibility with the revolutionary capabilities or TuchControl. Send this to anybody on the network or alternatively send the whole screen whether at a desk or in the field. Imagine the possibility to, with a touch call up anybody one the network, by radio or IP no matter what the communication link and initiate a call with that person or group of people. With our integrated communication component this is possible. See where your personnel are on eth screen and initiate logistical resourcing across the network however complex. That is the Power of our new easily installable TuchControl Suite.