Our security solution allowed the customer to integrate all of its systems under one, user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) The 2020 IntelliControl is a 100% complete, self-contained module built as a ‘network appliance’ with embedded operating system and firmware code. There is no software to install and nothing to configure.


Typically the module is used driving one or two medium-to-large (22″ to 50″) multitouch screens – which can be supplied in a “set-in-console-desk” configuration to order – ask for our separate IntelliDesk.

You can migrate to our new system without scrapping existing investments.


Two full-time security operators can manage the system across three shifts. The healthcare facility’s response procedures are now automatically tied to alerts by type, and many functions are automatic or require only a single touch operation. Imbedded alert reporting and automatic report generation help save operator time.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

We radically reduce report generation time (from days to less than a minute) with our “touch to connect” system, improved situational awareness with our 3D facility wide capability and our ability to integrate with new systems in the future.

We can rapidly and easily implement a system to manage hundreds or thousands of cameras and readers, and 000’s of alarm points. All sensors and other data are fully integrated onto multitouch consoles and a video wall – the display is updated in real time.

Our revolutionary scalable and maintenance free modules offer significant cost savings in manpower and equipment in comparison to total system replacement.

Long-term cost savings result from reduced training, increased employee productivity, and improved operator efficiency. The solution offers the customer integration support for its existing systems easy to install further integration.


We offer the capability of true inter agency collaboration, Gold Command multi user collaboration on the same command and control console or video wall. We can send all the data and video at will to designated groups in the field or at other enterprise, regional or international offices. Designated users can set up video analytics, look at and do rapid and intuitive what if scenarios and complex data analysis functions with a few touches of the finger.

Incident and Alarm Management and Workflow

Imagine the possibility of, when an alarm comes in, to be able to generate at a touch an immediate incident report which has a lot of the details filled in (a report which matches your exact requirements) then with a few touches and a drag and pinch withe fingers to be able to assemble a detailed report just as you wish with pictures, maps, database material etc. A dream? No a possibility with the revolutionary capabilities or TuchControl. Send this to anybody on the network or alternatively send the whole screen whether at a desk or in the field. Imagine the possibility to, with a touch call up anybody one the network, by radio or IP no matter what the communication link and initiate a call with that person or group of people. With our integrated communication component this is possible. See where your personnel are on eth screen and initiate logistical resourcing across the network however complex. That is the Power of our new easily installable TuchControl Suite.