2020 Surveillance offers its solutions via the latest cloud technology, allowing for unprecedented accessibility, security and scalability, while dramatically reducing implementation timelines and the cost of ownership.

  • Customer-focused – Solutions built to fit customer’s needs/business model
  • Open Framework – but with proprietary analytics leveraging the most advanced artificial intelligence available
  • Cloud-based and Mobile – Info instantly available to all devices
  • Hardware Agnosticism – Saves on capital investment requirements

Integrated Physical Security Solutions

  • 2020 Surveillance Improves Your Company’s Security by –
  • Providing a suite of integrated analytic solutions incorporating the latest in Machine Learning and AI technology, the most efficient and fastest available
  • Tailored to Your Company’s Needs
  • Automated to Provide Immediate Alerting to Operators and
  • Instantly Making All Information Available to Every Mobile User

2020 Surveillance’s Intuitive, User-Friendly TouchControl Displays

  • Maximize operator efficiency and efficiency
  • Eliminate the need to manually access camera and sensor databases
  • Put all of the necessary tools right at the operator’s fingertips
    • Camera and sensor information – live and forensic
    • Alerting, SOP, and incident reporting and
    • Modeling
    • Command and control

2020 Surveillance’s Solutions Maximize Return on Your Security Investments by

– Making Maximum Use of Your Current Equipment

  • 2020’s Systems Work with Nearly Every Camera or Sensor on the Market and Can be Readily Adapted to Accommodate New Capabilities
  • Using 2020’s Plug-and-Play Modules or Your Servers and NVR Systems

– Minimizing Personnel Costs

  • Integrated Analytics Reduce Need for Operators’ Eyeballs on Cameras
  • Intuitive User Interface Minimizes Operator Training Requirements
  • Information-to-the-Edge Via Mobile Solutions Maximize Awareness

New – Retail Tech Additions

Integrated Retail Solutions

  • 2020 Surveillance Retail Analytics Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Service –
  • Only 2020’s HeatMap© Solution can tell you –
  • How many customers are visiting your store
  • Where customers are going
  • How long they are spending in any particular spot
  • Your entire store on a single screen at any interval you choose.

2020’s (Point-of-Sale) Solution can dramatically reduce shrinkage

Efficiently track every register transaction

Video recording and transaction records synchronized and instantly retrievable