2020’s management and operations team consists of executives, software engineers and professionals with hands-on experience and records of success. The management team has the full range of experience in every aspect required to develop 2020 into the leading provider of video surveillance solutions for increasingly demanding security and retail/commercial requirements.  2020’s management is a highly experienced group of professionals who have come together to produce a world-class operation.

Mark Morris, Co-CEO, Chairman of Board

Past CEO of public and private companies in technology, logistics, investment banking and airlines. He has previously served as CEO of DHL Air Group. Holds a PhD in Economics and an Airline Transport License – Captain (on large wide body jets).

Nigel Barrington, Co-CEO, Vice Chairman of Board

Educated at Cambridge, culminating with a Doctor of Genetics. Established UN protocols for major bank programs; Worked in concert with the highest security divisions in Great Britain and has been one of the few individuals assigned to the UK’s Government Body for Security Technology and regularly briefs the House of Commons on security.

George Paz, Board Member Designee

Chairman and former CEO of Express Scripts Holding Co. (retired as CEO in May 2016); recently retired Chairman of the St. Louis Federal Reserve; Board member of Honeywell (Chairman of Audit Committee); Board member of Prudential; Board member of Barnes Jewish Hospital; Trustee of Washington University in St. Louis; Chairman of Logos School in St. Louis; CPA.

Neil Livingstone, Board Member Designee

One of the leading security experts in the world; past Chairman & CEO of GlobalOptions Inc. (public company); Chairman & CEO of ExecutiveAction, LLC. Over 1,700 TV appearances and 1,200 radio appearances. PHD in Law from Tufts. Author of ten books on Security & Intelligence matters. Professional Speaker.

Professor C. R. Chatwin, Senior Advisor

Holds the Chair of Engineering, University of Sussex, UK; where, inter alia, he is Research Director of the “iims Research Centre” and the Laser and Photonics Systems Engineering Group.

Richard Gray, Chief Financial Officer, Board Member

Has held senior positions in capital market transactions for Goldman Sachs & Company, Inc., Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc., and Merrill Lynch.

Doug Cummings, Chief Technology Officer

Has served as Chairman of Sprint/Nextel Manufacturing, Transportation and Construction Executive Guidance Board. Chief of IT operations for America West (now USAir/American), PetsMart, and Waste Management.

Jeffrey Stern, Chief Marketing Officer

Has over twenty-five years of global and sports marketing/management experience, including leading the Sponsor Marketing Group for Red Bull Sauber Formula 1 racing team in Switzerland (Sauber F1 Team of Sauber Motorsport AG). One of the leading world experts in statistical, algorithm based marketing analysis to drive global brand sales.

David Levinson, SVP Finance & HR

Accomplished CPA (12 years with Ernst & Young) and operating executive with experience as CFO of venture-backed high growth software business and public accounting experience with Ernst & Young’s Transaction Advisory Services and Assurance practices. Honored as 2013 CFO of the Year by the Saint Louis Business Journal for leadership and contributions to OneSpace’s growth and profitability.

Bruce Redinger, Vice President Commercial Division

Has represented a vast client network of Fortune 500 corporations and high net worth individuals worldwide in various business venture platforms from concept, financing, sales and roll out oversight.

Michael R. Rocque (LTC ret.), Vice President Threat Assessment Group

Expert in threat assessments, national security, and served as Squadron Commander of U.S. Army “Delta Force”. Past manager of R&D initiatives for high tech DOD; lead interface with governmental logistics agencies, DARPA, national research laboratories and civilian high-tech industries.

Kenneth D. Beeks (Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired), Vice President Government Affairs

Chief Test Pilot Navy Rotary Wing; Flag Secretary to the Sixth Fleet; Secretary to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff; Briefs DOD, CIA Directors, and collaborates with Silicon Valley Companies on intelligence sectors for security divisions.

Gary A. Reese, Esquire, Board Member and Senior Counselor to the Board

Has over 45 years’ experience as corporate and general counsel, including outside counsel to the largest U.S. banks, insurance companies & government officials, and has been a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Represented numerous companies in IT for patent and corporate law.

Keith Ryde, Chief Operations Officer (UK based)

Is an experienced manager and operator in both the public and private defense sectors. Worked world wide in technological security for numerous prominent organizations.

Richard Morrison, Creative Director (UK based)

One of the world’s leading designers of film title sequences. Credits are with the Bond Series amongst well over another 150 films. Highly respected author, graphic designer and lecturer.