Security Analytics – 

Intrusion Detection – Whether at a Perimeter or a Sterile/Secure Zone, 2020 Quickly Detects and Reports Any Person or Vehicle Entering – or Parking In – Secure or Prohibited Areas

Abandoned Bags/Objects – From Train Platforms to Airport Terminals and Event Venues, Operators Can Be Quickly Alerted When Bags are Left Unattended

Tracking People, Vehicles, and Objects – Across Multiple Camera Zones, In Real-Time or Forensically, From Fixed or Airborne Cameras, Day or Night, 2020’s Tracking Analytics are Unsurpassed

Queue and Crowd Management – Large Event or Grocery Check-Out Line, the Ability to Quickly Identify Back-Ups or Service Problems Can Help Reduce the Threat of an Incident and Improve Service to Customers

2020’s TouchControl System Smoothly Integrates the Suite of 2020’s Proprietary Analytics and the latest in Machine Learning technology with a Host of Third-Party Solutions to Meet Any Customer’s Needs, Including –

Facial Recognition

Automated License/Number Plate Readers

Automated Access Control, Door Alarms, Fire/Smoke Detectors

Baggage and Walk-Through Personnel Scanner Alerts

Supporting These and Many Other Capabilities, the TouchControl System Provides an Intuitive, User-Friendly Multi-Touch Control Display Center with –

Interactive 3-D Mapping Capabilities

Built-In Response and Reporting Procedures Based on the User’s Needs and SOP

Full Communications Capabilities According With the User’s Requirements