2020 Surveillance – Leading the way in Computer Vision by leveraging Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, advanced predictive analytics, and a revolutionary approach to compression algorithms—all assembled through collaborative programming.

2020 Surveillance Systems

  • Superb Analytics and Automation
  • Touch-Screen Command & Control Center
  • Scalable and Highly Reliable
  • Minimize Manpower and Training Requirements
  • Mobile and Cloud Solutions Supported

  • Only 2020 Surveillance –

    • Instantaneously Turns that Data into Actionable Intelligence
    • Provides Automated Threat Recognition and Alerts and
    • Superior compression methodology gives 2020 Surveillance unrivaled transmission speed and analysis, even while maintaining greater hardware compatibility than any competition
    • Cloud offering as well as connections to mobile devices.

  • Powered by 2020 Surveillance’s IntelliAnalytics System –

    • Employing 2020’s Unique Compression Analytics
    • Over 100 Times Faster Than Any Competing System
    • With Built-In Recognition & Response and Modeling Capabilities for Any Security Situation

  • Controlled by 2020’s T-Control Display Center –

    • Intuitive, Multi-User, Touch Control Screens
    • Automated Alerts, Decision-Making Tools, and Communications
    • Maximizes Effectiveness, Minimizes Manpower and Training Requirements

  • 2020 Surveillance Provides Comprehensive Solutions –

    • Cloud-Based and Readily Integrates Existing Cameras and Sensors
    • From Facial Recognition, Abandoned Bag, and the Most Difficult Security Scenarios to
    • Retail Solutions that Maximize Security and Sales and Minimize Shrinkage
    • Leading-Edge Technology – Built-In Usability – Maximum Productivity

2020 T-Control
This intuitive, user-friendly GUI puts actionable intelligence at the fingertips of the operator – whether in the command center or on a mobile device.
National Security
Border protection, anti-terrorism initiatives, emergency management, and preparedness planning are the foundation of securing a nation’s infrastructure and safeguarding our way of life.
Transportation authorities have to manage a range of varying issues: Crime prevention, passenger and personnel safety, protecting carriages or vehicles, ticket booths and other assets, as well as monitoring traffic flow alerts and congestion.
Mobile Solutions
2020’s Mobile Solutions puts the power of T-Control and all of the information is instantly in the hands of managers, first-responders, and all who need it.